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The Power Plant
TRON 209
Holt Renfrew 
The Last Straw 
Come Take A Walk In The Garden With Me
Peabody’s Gallery 
Gladstone Hotel
Come Up To My Room TRON209


Chair Sculpture Ikea Museum Sweden
Chandelier Sculpture Toronto
Brain Project Sculpture Toronto
Wolk Morais Clothing Rack Sculpture Los Angeles  
Yellow/Black/Glass Micheal Bespoke /la


Come up to my Room Gladstone Hotel Cleaving Cutting and Striking Installation Toronto
Gladstone Hotel Toronto Grow Op Look Listen Scent Toronto
Golden Logs Sculpture Los Angeles 
25 year retrospective book and Art Show Pop Uo Chateau Marmont Hotel Los Angeles
Italian Cultural Institute Toronto Black and Yellow Tower Toronto
Italian Cultural Institute Toronto Bruno Billio 25 year Retrospective Toronto
Palm Tree Sculpture Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto


Gladstone Hotel Come Up To My Room LED Boards History of the Gladstone Hotel Sculpture Toronto
Nuit Rose Proud Rainbow Ponytail Sculpture Toronto
Fort York 14 Mirrored Sculptures Toronto
ArtYard 14 Mirrored Triangles Sculptures New York
Four Seasons Hotel Gold Book Sculptures New York


Gladstone Hotel Come Up To My Room Worlds Tiniest Gallery Toronto
Gladstone Hotel Grow Op World's Tiniest Gallery All Around Us Toronto
Artist Project Toronto Feature Artist Rocco 110 Bound Figurines Toronto
WayHome Feature Artist Mirrored Sculptures 14 Mirrored Sculptures Toronto
Gardner Museum 12 days of Christmas Triangular Spinning Christmas Tree Toronto


Gladstone Hotel Come Up To My Room Magic Kettle Sculpture Toronto

Art Gallery Of Ontario Massive Party LED Light Tower Sculpture AGO Toronto

Design Exchange This Is Not a Toy Pharrell Williams Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Grow-Op Gentleman's Palm Room Installation Toronto

CBC Lou Reed Tribute Art Director Toronto

2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects Window Sculpture St Johns Newfoundland

Gladstone Hotel 125th Anniversary Multiple Sculptures Toronto

Nuit Blanche 2014 Bright Bundle Fort York Toronto



Gladstone Hotel Come Up To My Room Mirrored Floor Sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel 10x10 Portrait Book Toronto

Division Gallery Shape Shifters Stacked Chairs On Mirror Toronto

Nuit Blanche Familia Chair Sculpture Toronto

Toronto Fashion Week Salon Des Artist Whitney Linen Sculpture Toronto

Shape Shifters Division Gallery Toronto

Come up to My Room Gladstone Hotel Toronto



Come up to My Room Gladstone Hotel Toronto

Massive Party (Creative Director) Art Gallery Of Ontario Toronto

Ikea Toronto ON

Earth Day Canada Drake Hotel Toronto

Art Spin Toronto

Red Bull Fridge Sculpture Yellow Black Tower Sculpture Toronto

Toronto Art Fair De Luca Gallery Toronto

Textile Museum Of Canada Embroidered Chair Toronto

Design Exchange and Ikea 222 Toronto



Come Up To My Room Gladstone Hotel Toronto

Renova Interior Design Show Toronto

Bruno Billio’s 15 Year Retrospective De Luca Gallery Toronto

Group Show Triangle Gallery Toronto

Massive Party (Creative Director) Art Gallery Of Ontario Toronto



Come Up To My Room Gladstone Hotel Toronto

Vegetal Sociale Interior Design Show Toronto

Haiti Fundraiser Toronto

One 800 Gallery Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Toronto

Massive Party (Creative Director) Art Gallery Of Ontario Toronto

Group Show Art Stylists Toronto

Amfar Aids Auction Toronto International Film Festival Toronto

Dumbo Art Fair Brooklyn NY

Nuit Blanche Gladstone Hotel Toronto

Empire of Dreams Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Toronto



Gladstone Hotel Come Up to My Room. Floating chair Installation Toronto

Interior Design Show string installation Toronto

Smash gallery Diamond rhino sculptor bundle stacks Toronto

Venice Biennale Venice Italy



City of Toronto Nuit Blanche laser-string installation Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Art Fair Diamond Rhino sculpture Toronto

Dumbo Art Center Art Fair Brooklyn New York

Casey House Art for Heart G.E Tower sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Come Up to My Room Laser Installation Toronto

Interior Design Show G.E Tower Nickel Fridge sculpture Toronto

A.G.Y.U. Gallery Architecture of the Mind Art Direction Instructor Short Films Toronto

A.G.Y.U. Gallery Diamond Rhino sculptures Toronto

Private commission Nickel Books sculpture Toronto



Gladstone Hotel Come up To My Room book furniture sculpture Toronto

Spin Gallery Love Show books bears sculpture Toronto

Teknion blind contour portrait Toronto

Teknion chair sculpture Toronto

M.O.C.C.A suitcase installation Toronto

Blundtstone boot/book sculpture

Hazelton Hotel suitcase sculptures Toronto

Toronto International Art Fair sculptures Toronto



Gladstone Hotel Come up Room refrigerator sculpture Toronto

Art gallery of Ontario Massive Party chair sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel artist hotel room Toronto

Aids Committee of Toronto photography Toronto

Spin Gallery Snap photography Toronto

Mercer Union Stellar Living furniture sculpture Toronto

Spin Gallery Doll Show soldier sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Toronto Arts Crawl furniture glass sculpture Toronto

City of Toronto Nuit Blanche light installation sculpture Toronto

Lee Kline and Bruno Billio book/ furniture sculpture Toronto

Spin Gallery Furniture sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Taaffi furniture sculpture Toronto

Wallace Ave Making Room book/ furniture sculpture Toronto



Gladstone Hotel Come up To My Room acrylic replica sculptures Toronto

Gladstone Hotel artist hotel room Toronto

CBC Radio 1 The Arts Tonight featured artist Toronto

Junction Art Fair furniture/ book sculptures Toronto

Untitled Art award nominee Junctions Art Fair best installation/best show Toronto

Taaffi Gladstone Hotel furniture installation /performance Toronto

Scope Miami tape installation suitcase sculpture Miami



Gladstone Hotel red string furniture suitcase sculpture Toronto

Budman Studio tape installation New York

Mind Control Gallery stiletto fireplace Toronto

Gladstone Hotel Taaffi fireplace armoire sculpture Toronto

Gladstone Hotel carpet installation Toronto

Pool leather black glove sculpture New York

Scope string/furniture/suitcase New York



Scope suitcase sculpture Los Angels

Artimedies string installation Miami

Soff Gallery furniture suitcase car installation Toronto

Gladstone Hotel string installation Toronto

Solo Exhibition Gallery books furniture sculpture Toronto

Spin Gallery furniture sculpture Toronto



Artimedies Gallery string tape installation Miami

Gladstone Hotel string installation furniture sculpture Toronto

PS42 furniture sculpture Miami

Fashion Cares carpet installation Toronto



Awkso black string installation Toronto

Fashion Week string/ tape installation Toronto

Visentin Gallery furniture sculpture Treviso Italy

Piccadilly Gallery light installation London UK

Fitzrovia Square flag installation London UK

Home Gallery 12 room furniture installation London UK


Stereo Night Club red light installation Montréal

21 Montague Square glove furniture sculpture tape installation London UK

London Fashion Week tape runway installation London UK

Upper pavement Gallery tape projection London UK

Spin Gallery red string installation Toronto

Toronto Fashion week furniture sculpture Toronto



Bar glowing suitcases interior Toronto



All You Gallery furniture sculpture Toronto



Peabodys Gallery curator Toronto

Peabodys Gallery chandelier sculpture Toronto


Studio 461 Furniture light sculpture Toronto

Studio 461 furniture suitcase sculpture Toronto



Wrigley Building office furniture installation Toronto

Studio 461 furniture sculptures/ installation Toronto



769 Gallery furniture sculpture Toronto

Isao Hosoe furniture product design Milan


FrancoParenti Theater set design Milan

Rosella Gilli Gallery blind contour drawings Milan

Rosella Gilli Gallery furniture sculpture Paris



Venice red string installation Venice

Rosella Gilli Gallery furniture sculpture Milan